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Santa Monica Courthouse

The Santa Monica Courthouse is located at 1725 Main Street Santa Monica, CA 90401, which is located near the Santa Monica Police Department. This courthouse serves the city of Santa Monica and its surrounding cities with all matters of the law. This courthouse is able to handle criminal matters, civil matters, family law cases, traffic cases, and some other services.


The Santa Monica Police Department uses this courthouse to indict all of the criminals that they arrest on a daily basis. When someone is arrested and taken to the Santa Monica Police Department, they will be booked and processed at the police department, but their case will be sent to this courthouse. Once the file makes it to the courthouse, the district Attorney will then review the case and all of the evidence collected by the arresting officers. He or she will then decide whether there is enough evidence to create a case against the inmate or to dismiss the charges due to lack of evidence.


However, if there is a case against the inmate, then he or she will be coming to this courthouse for all of the hearings until he or she is sentenced. Because this courthouse serves more than just one city, there is a lot of traffic coming in and out of courthouse; the safety of everyone in the building becomes extremely important. When you enter the courthouse, you will notice that the officer at the door will make you put all of your belongings in a tray in order for it to go through an  x-ray machine and then he or she will make you walk through a metal detector. This is to ensure that the building is safe at all times and so the police could evaluate everyone that is walking through the front door.


This part of the courthouse may seem unnecessary and annoying at first, but it is the best way to make sure that everyone that enters the courthouse is not here to harm anybody in the courthouse. However, once you enter the courthouse, you could go about your work without anybody worrying about what you are doing there and you could feel confident in the safety of you and everyone else at all times. Safety is a main concern of everyone in the courthouse, which is why the police have their own security room where they monitor the safety of the building. Police are always roaming the halls of the courthouse because they have their own business to handle at the courthouse as well. It is important that everyone in the country visits the courthouse at some point in their life, whether it is to do jury duty or to learn about the justice system.

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