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Santa Monica Police Department

The Santa Monica Police Department is located at 333 Olympic Drive Santa Monica, CA 90401, which is where the Santa Monica Civic Center. At the Santa Monica Civic Center, you could find the Santa Monica Courthouse, the Santa Monica Police Department, the Santa Monica Fire Department, and the Santa Monica City Hall. The city of Santa Monica has entrusted the safety of its people and the community to the men and women at the Santa Monica Police Department. The men and women entrusted with the safety of the city are more than capable of keeping the city as safe as possible.


Before an officer can be employed at the Santa Monica Police Department, they must first attend courses at a local police academy. The Police Academy is a strict schooling system designed to make sure that every officer that passes the courses will be able to handle every situation that may occur while on duty. Once they finish the schooling at the Police Academy, the officer will continue some more training by shadowing an experienced officer before they will be able to go out on duty on their own. However, no officer is really ever on their own, they have a whole department of officers watching their back ready to help whenever they need it. It would be impossible for one officer to make a difference in a city, but when you have a whole department of officers fighting for the safety of the city, and then you have the right situation to change the atmosphere of the city.


The department in itself is made of many sections to ensure that every job and task is handled properly and effectively. By separating the tasks and responsibilities of the officers, the department is able to handle more cases in a shorter amount of time. Some of the sections that you will find at this police department include: The Patrol Section, The Volunteer Section, The Administration Department, The Detective Section, and The Forensic Analysis Section. Each one of these sections is responsible for their part of every investigation and if they do not communicate with each other about their findings, then the case can never be solved properly. However the most important section of the Police Department is the Volunteer Section, because it allows the public to be more informed and involved in the safety of their city. It is vital that both the police and the public work together in order to keep the city as safe as possible.


Without the help of the public, the police would be limited to the clues that they acquire at the scene of the crime. If anyone is arrested in the city of Santa Monica, they will be taken to the Santa Monica Police Department, which is where they will be booked and processed, but their case file will be sent to the Santa Monica Courthouse. The men and women at the Santa Monica Courthouse will decide whether there is enough evidence for a case or if the charges should be dismissed.

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