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Trouble on the Pier

This past weekend started off like a normal weekend at the Santa Monica Pier until something strange happened that required the help of the U.S. Coast Guard. As people were beginning to fill up the shoreline next to the Santa Monica Pier mid Saturday, they all witnessed a strange occurrence. As people looked out into the ocean they began to see someone swimming towards the shore and it looked like he did not have any clothes on. As he came closer and closer to the shore, people realized that he was completely nude and called the police. The man reached the shore and immediately ran to the pier looking for some clothes. The man seemed calm and collected and walked up to one of the stores that have clothes and put some on. As he was putting on clothes, both the U.S. Coast Guard and the Santa Monica Police showed up with their guns drawn. The man quietly surrendered and was taken into custody. It was definitely an odd site to see, especially if you went there to relax and enjoy the perks of living in California.

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