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Crash Leaves Woman Paralyzed

A head on collision that occurred overnight last week left one man in jail and one woman without the ability to move her legs. Late Saturday evening, a man was driving drunk from a night out at the local bars in Santa Monica when he did not notice a red light and drove through an intersection. The suspect rammed into another car driving through the intersection and both cars spun out of control. The cars spun together and went into the other end of the intersection where a woman was crossing the street. The cars hit the pedestrian and both cars continued to spin into a nearby business where both mangled cars came to a complete halt. Police showed up at the scene with the pedestrian on the floor in a bloody pool and both drivers were trapped in their cars. Firefighters showed up and got the drivers out of their vehicles. The drivers were only left with scrapes but were sent to the hospital as a precaution. The pedestrian was also taken to the hospital where she was found to be paralyzed.

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